Topic: Digicheck (Totalyzer) in WaveLab6.1 Strange behavior

Hi there,
I use a Digi96/8 Pad and WaveLab 6.1, also Cubase 4 on my PC. In Cubase everything is fine.
1.When I use WaveLab, I can?t use Digicheck under ASIO, in the Option - input dialog it is gray and only MME is selectable. I must switch WaveLab to MME, or it wouldn?t playback anything. Even the position bar stand still.
2.If I stop playback WaveLab the Totalyzer shows a Peak on 20 Hz, sometimes about -40 dB, or up to -10 dB. What does it mean?

Does anyone has the same Problems?



Windows 10 Pro 64bit Core i5, 16GB Ram, FirefaceUCX Cubase 10, WaveLab 9.5