Topic: Please Bring Back Hi-Res Product Images

I really miss the old website because it had high-resolution images of all the products from multiple angles. I could easily zoom in and see details without squinting and mashing my face up against the screen.

The new website is nice and all, but all I can think of when I visit is "I want the old image browser back".

Re: Please Bring Back Hi-Res Product Images

You can find it under Download product images, there you can download a ZIP archive and then there are usually, but not always, different folders with different formats (JPEG and PNG).
But I also found it much easier on the old web server to be able to view the images "just quickly" with a mouse click.
I also still find that with the old web design you could work much more efficiently and get relevant information faster / clearer.
Above all, each page had its own URL and not subpages that could only be reached by an active mouse click.

But we live in times where web servers look more and more like PowerPoint presentations and it is always claimed that the customer wants it that way.

Personally, I don't want that, because nowadays you have to fight your way more and more through a jumble of images and advertising statements. This is inefficient, takes too much time and nerves by this.

I still use the old archive site to gather information and product pictures quickly.

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