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Hello all I'm new to the forum or not, maybe I used it a long time ago when I was first installing my system.
Anyway I have two older Multiface 1 interfaces that I used to used in slave master mode.   However the Win XP PC died.  And I now have Windows 7 PC available to use for this.  I tried downloading drivers and etc.  But the issue is my PCI card is not being recognized in the device manager by windows.  The PCI card is a Hammerfall DSP 1.4, there is a mod to soldier a capacitor onto it to make it work, but I'm not into that.    Is there a newish PCI or PCIe card I can buy that will work well with the Multiface 1 interfaces and be recognized by Windows 7.  The other consideration is that I would also like to be able to use in slave master mode to get 16 channels if necessary.

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And welcome to the forum! (or re-welcome to the forum!) smile

I 've no experience with this, but before you buy a new card, you could have a look in your MoBo's Bios Settings.
In many MoBos there is a setting for PCI and PCIe speeds(x16, x4, etc). When you have a PCIe in "x16", for example, you cannot use all PCI slots.

Information like this can be found in the MoBo's manual. You could have a look and change the settings accordingly!
Also, you can post a link of your MoBo, so we can have a look, too!

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Also PCI or PCIe cards for the Multiface are only available on the used market.

This mod … sp_pci.htm

therefore is the best chance to get the system working again.

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Thanks for the replies.  Here is a link to my mobo.  I'm repurposing my old gaming pc.   The mobo is  eVGA x58 FTW3. … T-E768.pdf

I do in fact have a PCIe video card running @x16.   However, I had a Sound blaster card in the PCI slot at the same time and it always worked.  I removed that and disabled the onboard sound and then plugged the RME card in and its not getting picked up by the device manager. 

And yes I'm aware that I will only be able to find used cards, but I'm looking for something that will work for win 7.   

Anyway I will take another look in the mobo settings and see if I can run the video at x8 to see if that makes a difference.