Topic: Physical MADI loopback over coaxial

I just picked up a Madiface XT and am thinking about physically looping back the MADI coaxial connections since I won't be using them to interface with another device. The benefit being that the sub mix for each output / input channel is then re-routable, vs the loopback function in Totalmix where the output can't be controlled via the corresponding input.

I'm just not very familiar with MADI over coaxial, and the overall information about it online seems sparse. Would there be any problems with doing a short 1ft loopback run? Any reason why I would observe worse quality when compared to the internal loopback function?

Thinking of using this cable, from what I can understand it's to spec and uses the correct physical connectors: … &psc=1

MADI FX, Fireface UFX+, ADI-648, HDSPe RayDAT, ADI-192 DD


Re: Physical MADI loopback over coaxial

No problem, that will work with bit accuracy. And the added delay by TM FX is so small you won't notice that either.

Matthias Carstens