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Topic: Seeking recommendation for ADI-2 Pro FS and UFX II user

Hi all, seeking some insight into what would be the best case scenario for my workflow.

I currently own both the ADI-2 Pro FS (used mostly in the past as a desktop head amp) and the UFX II as my interface for recording. I also have a turntable/phono pre and digital streamer/pre as sources, running into a power amp with passive speakers. It's your typical "pro-fi" setup.

I don't mean to come off sounding salty here, [begin rant]...purchased the ADI-2 Pro FS literally just before the R version came out, saw that the price dropped soon after, and my dealer couldn't/wouldn't do an upgrade. Also just before the R release, had the overheating issue and dealt directly with the US distributor who promptly replaced the unit. Awesome service! And very grateful, just wished that a heads-up would have been nice like, "hey, we have a new remote version coming out very soon, do you care for that?" which I gladly would have even with an upcharge...[end rant].

Now I'm looking to change my setup a bit, merge all aforementioned devices into one system, and really need remote volume control. So a couple of thoughts about how to best achieve the most efficient integration:

Option 1: Sell the ADI-2 Pro FS and purchase the ADI-2 Pro FS R...again feeling salty.

Option 2: Purchase an "audiophile" preamp with volume control and XLR inputs. Thinking along the lines of Burson or Schiit Audio or the like.

Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Seeking recommendation for ADI-2 Pro FS and UFX II user

You have but 2 very good devices, an ideal combination, which I also have and always like to recommend in the forum: RME recording interface (here even one of the flagship devices) and the ADI-2 Pro (here even with FS clock).

If you need the remote control, ok, that's just so that after 5 years of product maintenance is recognized that the customers want something like that with the Pro. Initially, the Pro was actually intended more for the studio faction and there you sit mostly next to the device and do not need such a thing.

How you now get the idea to use something completely different, I can not really understand, all other devices from other vendors (typical HiFi devices) can only offer you much much less. All those vendors do not have the expertise of RME from the studio area. Just think of the nice features like the Bittest (to check lossless audio transfer end to end), Steadyclock, 4 Ref levels, auto reflevel, dynamic loudness, PEQ, and much more. From technology and quality they fall behind RME.

Look how good RME performs with the ADI-2 Pro FS in this converter shootout compared to much more expensive devices which even focus on A/D only and also have not such advanced useful features like the ADI-2 Pro, video link in my blog article: https://www.tonstudio-forum.de/blog/ind … ses-EN-DE/

The few dB SNR more that the AK4493 offers you do not hear, so is not a compelling reason for an update.
And smth like common sense is, that the newer DAC and FS clock deliver better technical data, but you couldn't detect a difference in sound during a blind test.

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Re: Seeking recommendation for ADI-2 Pro FS and UFX II user

Thanks for the lengthy response, I appreciate your effort in trying to be helpful. Let me make a couple of things clear since it seems to me my sentiments were misconstrued.

I am very aware I have in my possession two very, very capable high end products. Superior. No dissatisfaction here whatsoever.

I simply need a remote volume control. Any dissatisfaction you may sense is exactly because I missed out on the remote control by a couple of months. And the price decrease, sigh...

I would gladly keep the Pro FS, but then that means I need to add a preamp of some sort, pro or "audiophile" (nb: in quotes), as long as there is no degradation to the quality that's already here in my possession. I fear that's a big ask, nevermind big money.

So that brings me back to the FS R which seems to me the best scenario imagineable. Feeling salty again, lol. Cheers.

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Re: Seeking recommendation for ADI-2 Pro FS and UFX II user

RME devices have a high resale value on the used market, assume 70-75%. After that, the way to the ADI-2 Pro FS R BE is not so far.

Why do you need the ADI-2 Pro at all, or wouldn't the ADI-2 DAC FS do as well ?

You could even consider to connect an ADI-2 DAC FS behind the ADI-2 Pro (via optical SPDIF/TOSLINK), in case you might need some features of the Pro (A/D conversion, sample rate conversion, balanced phones, ...). Gives you the remote and even latest DAC chip (if this could be a motivation).

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UFX II <---- ADAT ----> ADI-2 Pro FS R BE with remote

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Re: Seeking recommendation for ADI-2 Pro FS and UFX II user

For volume remote control you could try something like this:

https://www.amazon.de/Omnitronic-IR-Lau … &psc=1

These type of devices come in various flavours.