Topic: MIDI Remote. Feature request


we are using several Micstasys and Octamics XTC in different setups.
I am allways missing one feature in the MIDI-remote software for the XTCs:

If I control a Micstasy I can do this:
Ctrl.+Mousewheel will change the gain of ALL 8 channels.

This is not working for the XTC.
This is really sad.
Let me explain why this is quite essential.
Imagine I have a live concert. In the first movement I realise that the gain is a little hot. I want to lower the gain for all channels the same amount to not change the sound. Of course I need to do this between movements.
Between movements I do not have the time to change the gain for 32 channels...But I can do it 4 times with CTR.+Mouse. for each of the four preamps...But if I use XTCs I am lost...

And yes that happened to me quite sometimes. An yes I know this should be controlled in the soundcheck...but sometimes the orchestra really is "on fire" in the concert... :-) or you had to less time in soundcheck...

So please ad this to the MIDI-remote for Octamic XTC.

If there is a chance to even do this for ALL connected devices, this would be awsome!!!

Thanks for listening.

Fabian Frank - Arcantus Musikproduktion GbR


Re: MIDI Remote. Feature request

We will check this again. Ctrl+mouse might have been just overlooked to add. Or colided with the existing group options which are more detailed than those of the Micstasy.

Matthias Carstens