Topic: Rme Babyface Pro FS on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi I recently purchased a babyface pro and I’m wondering If anyone else has experience setting it up to run with fl studio on wine or reaper. I’ve previously had trouble installing jackd and configuring it with pulse audio and was wondering if anyone knows how to install that on 20.04. I’m excited to use my new interface, just anticipating issues if it doesn’t work via CC. I know it is possible to get this running as shown here:

I was thinking of following this tutorial:

Just want to make sure I’m doing this right this was the most up to date guide I could find please let me know if there is any easier way to set up the babyface pro fs on Ubuntu 20.04

Re: Rme Babyface Pro FS on Ubuntu 20.04

Also been looking at pipe wire as an alternative if the cc doesn’t work. Again I’m attempting to use the baby face pro with fl studio on wine