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Topic: Digiface AVB not recognized after restart - "Mismatch Detected" error

My Digiface AVB is not recognized by my 2019 Intel iMac (Big Sur 11.6.2) after restarting the computer.

I get the error "Mismatch detected - Channel and FX settings of Device and TotalMix are different."

This behavior started out of nowhere. Everything had been working fine for the past couple weeks.

The short term workaround is that I have to reinstall the driver every time I restart the computer.

The Fireface USB Settings shows the properties for my Digiface AVB. Firmware v244 Driver v3.27
TotalMix Version 1.75 MAC OSX (1).

Yesterday I tried entering Recovery Mode. Then Terminal. Then tried the kmutil trigger panic medic command.
That didn't help.

Then I tried re-installing the OS. The same issue persists. 

What is the cause of this issue?