Topic: Did I "blow" the converter ?

Last night I had a very hot signal from a mic pre run into a channel on my RME ADI-8 AE. Since then the channel appears dead. The lights light but sending a very strong signal into the channel results in barely lighting up the green light and audible sound. All other channels work fine. Did I blow it up ? I didn't know this was possible.


Re: Did I "blow" the converter ?

Nothing is impossible. But I also never heared of that before.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Did I "blow" the converter ?

Thanks for the info Matthias. I guess I will need to yank the whole thing and send it out for repair. Please tell me the channels are modular so I only have to pay for one.

Re: Did I "blow" the converter ?

Can you give me the name of a repair depot in Toronto Canada where I can have it looked at ? Thanks.