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Topic: Fed up of Apple Monterey updates causing Fireface800 Firewire problems

Why is it that RME have problems with progressive updates with Apple Operating Systems but not Windows?

With Big Sur at least everything seemed to go fine (after a few RME updates) but with Monterey post OSX 12.2 the Fireface800 just posts screeching noise or crackles whenever updating to 12.2.1 or .2 ?

Its getting very frustrating. Why should we have to sell a perfectly working good Fireface800 Sound unit for the sake of these updates based on the firewire standard (that Apple still supports in the very latest) ?

I believe its RME that has to closely talk with Apple or sort out their drivers.

The Security fixes / code signing dont work, We re-nstall the drivers, go back to earlier ones, try everything like remove all from Library/system files etc and yet still the RME Fireface crackles away on boot up. You reboot to Big Sur on a different drive and the kext drivers work! Its getting very frustrating and Ive seen many other users reporting this problem.

I have tried 3.40 and 3.41 (have 2.77 fw which doesnt seem to have changed for some time). v3.40 works absolutely fine on Big Sur. There can't be that much difference between Monterey and the latest Big Sur in terms of how Kexts load. I security enable/code sign every time on Monterey correctly. Your RME drivers DON'T WORK.

What on earth is making it so difficult for you guys to sort out? Is it something to do with Intel MKE compile or something? Is it a simple change of address by Apple that you have not recognised? Is it a plist problem? Is it the kext itself which is ropey?

Something very stupidly simple is killing our invaluable RME Fireface (and I have two). Its bloody annoying.