Topic: Linux. HDSPe AIO (non Pro) playback of various sample rates.

Very beginner I am a beginner with RME.

Using an HDSPe AIO (non Pro) in a low power HP thin-client running Ubuntu 20.04 server.
First use case performs well..recording analogue LP records to digital files using arecord.

arecord -d 1680 -c 2 -f S24_3LE -r 96000 --vumeter=stereo /tmp/ramdisk/test.wav

Alsamixer 'Internal clock' set to 96000.   All well and good...I generally transfer the recorded files via sftp to another PC for editing.

However, I wondered to try the HDSPe AIO for playback and found a peculiar (to me) problem that some hours of searching have not produced enlightenment.

If I try to play a file using aplay it will only play if I reset the 'Internal clock' via Alsmixer to the rate of the file. If I have a mixed playlist of different rates then playback stops when the rate changes and does not match the Internal clock setting. Not very useful.

I have been through several aplay configurations but none seem to produce the desired automatic change in format and rate and generally elsewhere using plughw: would suffice.

Is there something I am missing in the HDSPe AIO Alsamixer settings that would cause it to automatically adjust for rate change ?

Re: Linux. HDSPe AIO (non Pro) playback of various sample rates.

To answer my own question, and for anyone else looking to make this work,

I modified ~/.asoundrc  to read:

        format S32_LE
        rate 96000
        type hw
        card 0
        device 0

    type plug
    slave.pcm "device"

found from here.. … te-in-alsa

If anyone has improvements please reply.