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Topic: [Solved] Startup Security not loading on Mac Studio

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I'm trying to install the HDSPe drivers on my Mac Studio (M1 Ultra), which is connected to a RayDAT in a SonnectTech Echo Express SE1 external PCIe enclosure. But when I try to get into the Startup Security from the Recovery Mode of the Mac, I get a message saying, "There are no users on this volume to recover." It worked properly on my MacBook Pro with an M1 Max. The only option at that point is to restart. Has anyone else experienced and solved this issue?

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Re: [Solved] Startup Security not loading on Mac Studio

Update: After writing the original thread, the Monterey 12.3.1 update was issued. After updating, I tried the Startup Security setting again, and it worked! Now I have my trusty RayDAT running on my new Mac and I'm very happy.