Topic: Digicheck doesn't change colors


I'd like to not use the green version display. Unfortunately I'm unable to change colours.
I'm on Windows 11 Pro (always updated).
If I make any change in setting window, nothing happens. See the screen below:

Yes, I hit "OK" after every change. smile I also tried to restart Digicheck many times with no luck.
What can I do? Maybe I'm missing something? Thank you.


Re: Digicheck doesn't change colors

These color settings only work on the standard bar level meters.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Digicheck doesn't change colors

Got it, I missed that info in the help file:

Color Settings

The colour of the bar for Normal Level (default green-blue), Caution Level (default yellow) and Warning Level (default red) can be defined freely for Stereo, Multichannel und Global Level Meter. This setting does not affect Spectral Analyser and Vector Audio Scope.

So, pity, would be really nice. hmm

PS: "und" smile