Topic: Aio Pro - surround out to AVR

Hi everyone,

Sorry to come here with this question, but I am too dense to figure it out between myself and the manual.

I would like to route surround out from my RME Hdspe Aio Pro to my AVR. My AVR is a Sony STR-DH790: … p/strdh790

Now the RME card does not have an HDMI out, so I can't use this connection. Can somebody explain in laymans terms how I can connect my Aio Pro with the STR-DH790 so that I can send a surround/Dolby Atmos signal to the AVR? Which breakout cable do I need for this, and how do I connect it to the AVR? Unfortunately I found the RME manual to be very lacking in terms of explaining a surround setup. Thank you in advance!