Topic: HDSPe Raydat no Output after machine change

I had a HDSPe Raydat running perfectly on a Mac Pro 3,1 Dual running High Sierra, then i screwed the machine trying to run OpenCore Legacy Patcher to install Big Sur.
Luckily I had another Mac Pro 5,1 Dual which I transfered everything over to and updated to Mojave (after an RX580 GPU and an SSD upgrade)
My Mac is connected to a Yamaha 01V via an MY8-AT using ADAT TosLink using ADAT 1-2 ports on the Raydat card
But.. when  I playback any audio on the Mac i get no output signal.. Core audio - iTunes for example and of course nothing from Logic Pro.
In TotalMix I can see output signals in ADAT 1-2 but no signal being recieved by the 01V (whose settings are unchanged from the 3,1 period)
i tested the unput - audio from the 01V to an audio track in Logic which works fine and I can see the input which oddly is coming in on 11/12 and not 3/4 set in the 01V which I'm sure it corresponded to before but anyway..
I have updated all the Raydat drivers and Firmware and I'm pretty sure I have not changed anything in TotalMix and the DSP settings..
I have a screenshot of my TotalMix and DSP settings.
Can anyone help me??

Re: HDSPe Raydat no Output after machine change

oddly is coming in on 11/12 and not 3/4 set

Looks like you reversed the ADAT 1 and ADAT 2 cables when you connected the two devices. Switch them (only on one unit) and that should solve the problem.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.

Re: HDSPe Raydat no Output after machine change

Ok.. you're right Jeff and seeing input on 11/12 gave me the clue to solving it..
Pull up a chair.. this is a doozie..
In my previous Mac the Raydat was in PCIe slot 2 but because of the new fat Radeon RX580 it would not fit without clashing with the fans (slot 2 is now the SSD) so its now in slot 3..
Looking at the TotalMix and seeing incoming audio on 11/12 made me think that perhaps the OUT is now on 9/10 and that maybe the PCIe slot had something to do with the channel config.. Seems odd but I assigned 9/10 to ADAT 1/2 in the Matrix and VOILA!! Sound!!
HUGE sigh of relief...
So in now Logic, incoming external audio is set to 'in 11-12' and its all working like before, the only difference in Logic is that setting.
i was losing my mind looking at TotalMix and seeing I/O signals but not seeing the output signal on the 01V..
One for the books methinks!
And I tried the ADAT cables in all four of the ports on the Raydat and input 11/12 was the lowest I could get it to, (the ADAT 1 pair next to the 9 pin D-sub) and there is only one set of I/O on the MY8- AT so it looks like its the PCIe slot determining the I/O cluster of channels.. I don't understand why that would be and i've read everything I could find on it but..
Anyway, thanks for your reply Jeff.