Topic: HDSPe RayDat - strange behaviour after Mac change

I had a HDSPe Raydat running perfectly on a Mac Pro 3,1 Dual Quad running High Sierra, then i screwed the machine trying to run OpenCore Legacy Patcher to install Big Sur.
Luckily I had another Mac Pro 5,1 Dual Quad which I transfered everything over to and updated to Mojave (after an RX580 GPU and an SSD upgrade)
My Mac/Raydat is connected to a Yamaha 01V via an MY8-AT running ADAT TosLink using ADAT 1 ports on the Raydat card but since I swapped over to the the mew machine (and ran all the updates - software & Firmware) I am now receiving audio In on channels 11/12 and Audio Out on 9/10 instead of Out on 1/2 and In on 3/4 in TotalMix as before. I tried all the other ADAT ports on the Raydat and 9/10+11/12 were the lowest combo I got I/O on.
Also I have no Midi out, Midi in signals are visible in Logic Pro X and are working perfectly but nothing is then going out to my external hardware  - yes I have checked the cable routing and all is well.
I chamged nothing externally, just transferred the drives and the RayDat from the 3,1 to the 5,1 - EXCTACTLY the same connections on the Raydat... I'm more intrigued why the Audio I/O has changed - I can live with that but the Midi out issue is a serious blocker.
Please help!


Re: HDSPe RayDat - strange behaviour after Mac change

Version of driver? Version of TotalMix FX? Firmware version of RayDAT?

Matthias Carstens

Re: HDSPe RayDat - strange behaviour after Mac change

Hi Mattias.
Thanks for responding:
HDSPe Settings Driver 4.17
TotalMix 1.66
Firmware V2.9
Mojave 10.14.6
Logic Pro 10.4.4
Mac : Mac Pro Server (Mid 2010), 2 x 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 32B Ram.