Topic: AES/EBU Signals In/Out of AVB Network

I need to get 4 sets of AES/EBU signals in and out of an RME AVB network I'm putting together.  To currently do this, it seems the only way to do this is to get a unit like an ADI-642 (or other AES to MADI converter) and in/out the AES/EBU via MADI into something like an AVB Tool, M-1610 Pro, M-32 Pro, etc via the MADI in/out interface.

Are there any RME devices that currently (or in the future) will interface directly AES streams into / out of an AVB network?

I currently have an AVB system setup with MOTU gear that does this quite nicely, but I'm looking to upgrade to the higher quality RME AD/DA converters and pre-amps.  I know that interfacing RME and MOTU via AVB is a crap shoot at best.