Topic: AIO Pro - background noise as soon as I open DAW

I have the card as the main audio for my Windows 11 system. I hear no noise when monitors (via breakout cable XLRs) are on and it's just on the desktop. As soon as I open a DAW (I've tried Cubase, Reason and Audition), this horrible background machine noise appears. It's drowned out by music, but even more noticeable on the headphone output, where everything that requires the CPU or GPU to process something results in more noise. This is a pretty expensive system and it's driving me nuts. I'm wondering if the video card is causing interference. Other than that, everything is plugged into the same multi-power socket extension that has power conditioning and an RF interference filter.

Re: AIO Pro - background noise as soon as I open DAW

Hello community

I have a small problem with my AIO pro sound card bought new.
I constantly have a background noise, like a parasite that grows when I run an application like cubase, maschine... Basically, when the pc is working.

At first, I thought it was some instruments or  an element like USB flashdrive on my computer. After unplugging them all, it is still the same problem.

I changed the power supply, same thing.
Unplugged the screen, same thing.

I tested on my second Focusrite Scarlett interface to see if the noise would impact it. No parasite or mass noise.

So I deduce that this is my RME.
Is this common on this model?
What can I do ?

I thank you in advance

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Re: AIO Pro - background noise as soon as I open DAW


I think I've solved it (for me anyway). I had a stereo cable with jacks on the end attached to the breakout XLR input. It wasn't plugged in to an instrument output to go into the card - just left dangling in the air. As soon as I pulled this cable out of the breakout XLR input, the noise went away. Probably a stupid error, but you live and learn.

That explains why it only happened in a DAW because it would have been monitoring the input for the card.