Topic: Took me forever to figure out where to download DigiCheck

When you look at the two columns - "Select Device" and "Select Software" -- to me... the way these are presented, it is implied that both are equally required parts of the form. "Please choose.." and "select".

When one selects a device, since its on the left and it seems required... The accordion widget then appears and expands downward, and you're to select Mac or Windows..  Which to me are both "software." Therefore in my mind, if you are to select "windows" (which is what I use), the place you click is in the identical column "Select Software" was. So in a way you are tricked into thinking you're doing the right thing and selecting "software" when you click "windows." Even if that wasn't your OS, you're still selecting "software" and think you're doing the right thing.

Looking back at it, I see now that there is a word "or" in there, but it's easy to miss. In any case, I would change the way the page works.

Been using computers all my life, 45 years old, BSEE, musician, and I worked support at a software company 15 years ago.  It's a minor gripe, but I would change this. To add to this.. if you click the "Software" heading at the top of the page... you're taken to the same downloads page with the ambiguous branch decision described above. If you've already missed that you could select the "select software" drop-down before "please choose software", it just makes you more frustrated.

I resorted to using google search " digicheck download" and STILL failed. 

By the way, I have had my RME UCX for 10 years, and I only discovered that this digicheck thing existed today when I decided I wanted to find some kind of spectral analysis to help me to balance the output response of a new keyboard amp.

Re: Took me forever to figure out where to download DigiCheck

Agreed Digicheck is somewhat hidden. If on the software page you select [Download DigiCheck for RME Audio Interfaces], you end up on the download page and if you intuitive would select your RME device you will no longer find digicheck on the right under the choose software. Maybe add one text line on the download page with examples what happens. e.g. [Drivers, select your device first], and [Software, select this to download your desired software], or so smile

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Re: Took me forever to figure out where to download DigiCheck

Not fully understand the issue ... there are even two possibilities to get it wink

1. On the top of each webpache through "Software"
2. On each product page, where DIGIcheck is applicable under drivers

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Re: Took me forever to figure out where to download DigiCheck

I personally think it's less than ideally presented as well, and I think it is somewhere on some to-do list, but that could take time.

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