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Topic: SteadyClock FS and ADI-2 Pro FS - references to consider

"The Babyface Pro FS offers the full SteadyClock FS circuit as in the ADI-2 Pro FS for lowest jitter and highest jitter immunity."

"SteadyClock FS" has a link to
https://www.rme-audio.de/de_totalmix-fx … paces.html

But this is the link that fits:

And ADI-2 Pro FS is a discontinued model:

But ADI-2 FS is still available.

"A further highlight is SteadyClock FS, RMEs latest clock technology for maximum jitter suppression and lowest self-jitter."

"SteadyClock FS" again links to
https://www.rme-audio.de/de_totalmix-fx … paces.html

"The ADI-2 DAC includes an improved SteadyClock

"The ADI-2 DAC is the first device in RME's range with SteadyClock FS."

Everything is called SteadyClock FS, except ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition that is called SteadyClock III:

I didn't find a good reference anywhere for the difference between SteadyClock, SteadyClock II and SteadyClock III and which one is in each RME model. Consider if it would be a good idea to make such a reference. Or one could change "SteadyClock III" to "SteadyClock FS".

And "SteadyClock FS" has a link on the ADI-2 DAC webpage, but "SteadyClock III" gets no link on the ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition webpage.