Topic: Routing from Total Mix to a device connected via bluetooth?

I want to have a speaker in my bathroom playing some rainforrest ambience while I am able to produce in the studio. I have a speaker connected using bluetooth but I don't know how to get the signal from total mix to the bluetooth speaker.
I am on windows 10 and the main output of my interface (fireface 802, using the aes ebu) is the one I have to choose in windows Soundmanager to get the total mix output connected. Is there any way to do this? Alternatively I would have to connect a bluetooth transmitter to one of my headphones out and send it from there but well if there was another way I would prefer to use it.

Thanks for helping

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Re: Routing from Total Mix to a device connected via bluetooth?

The cleanest way would be to use a cable from 802 to an active monitor. Then you can create submixes as you like towards the active monitor and you will have no hassles with bluetooth if there are walls in between.

There is no way to integrate bluetooth devices into TotalMix, this makes no sense at all.

You need to see it from application perspective. An application loads the RME driver, by this the application can access the audio hardware and TM FX enables for routing and other features.
How should TotalMix FX now get access to additional Bluetooth speakers ?
And application is additionally only able to load one audio driver.

If you insist to use this bluetooth speaker then get an USB Bluetooth adapter, plug it to your computer, pair it with your bluetooth speaker and play music. But I fear you will get problems with connectivity. Distance, walls, negative impact to USB recording infrastructure the more USB devices you add.

Maybe better alternative, get an old smartphone with bluetooth, install a music player and place the smartphone together with the bluetooh speaker in the bathroom area. Then you should have less / no trouble with connectivity.
And .. you have your recording PC clean .. every added USB device can impact the recording interface if they share e.g. the same USB controller and what not ...

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