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Topic: Request for features (3): CRC Check, Syntax Check, List Config Changes

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It's not yet clear whether this is the root cause, but it brought me to an idea

Wouldn't it be useful, if TM FX would get
1) CRC check capability to validate, whether a config file has been successfully transferred from memory to disk or vice versa
2) Timestamp "last written"
3) an integrity check whether the syntax of a config file is still intact
4) a window with a list of config changes (Preferences, Settings, Remote Control, ARC USB, ..) which are not default anymore

to 1) CRC check could be implemented relatively easy by calculating the checksum of the complete config in memory and then to write it either to the end of the config file or to a separate file on disk.

I tend to say that it would be better to write the checksum to the end of the config file for two reasons:

  • to be able to see on the 1st look, whether the config file is complete or truncated

  • not to get additional issues when restoring a config file from backup and forgetting to restore the matching checksum file as well. In this case you would need to prompt the user and to gather information what to do best / next ...

to 2) In addition to the CRC checksum a timestamp information would be useful to see, when the file has been last written to disk, as timestamps information of a file on a filesystem gets easily lost after copying to other media or when copying/pasting only the content.
Also useful for the other config related file where the last running config is being written to when quitting TM FX or shutting down the OS. I think back where we had an issue on Windows, that the last state was not properly being written during Windows shutdown.

to 3) could perhaps be useful in situations where you would wish for a description about the TM FX setup or where customized settings are needed or the issue for a certain behaviour.

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