Topic: HDSPe MADI and Red Hat Enterprise 8

I am trying to get this card to work in my Linux workstation. This is the only audio interface in the system. I can see it with alsamixer. I can cat /proc/asound/card0/hdsm and it shows the serial number of the card and other related items. It even shows that I am clock sync'd to MADI. I want to lock it as 32 stereo channels.

What I cannot do is change from the BNC to Fiber channel interface. I can't seem to get audio to pass through it. I have no idea where to go from here. I'm not sure what configuration files need to be edited. Alsa seems to be presenting the card to my application in a confused state. It shows all the channels but when I go to assign audio to them, all the channels are greyed out. Its really weird. Its like the system only can assign it as single channel because the config is not allowing it to assign to the other channels.

Any help or direction is appreciated. I really thing I'm close. I just don't know what config files need to be adjusted to present the card properly to the system.