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Topic: Customizeable MIDI Control Mapping for TMFX?


maybe a Feature Request:

Today, almost all SW Instruments and Music Apps are allowing a User to freely customize nearly all UI Elements via MIDI (or MIDI - Learn)...

Example: Arturia Mini V3...
or the Moog Synthi-Apps... All DAWs

Why is it so hard for RME to implement this Feature in the Totalmix FX App? 
And a total free assignable Keyboards Shortcuts Mapping possibility?

OK - there are 3rd Party Apps. And here are a lot of talented Users, which offer their Tools and Workarounds...

The Sound of the Hardware, the Drivers are really great! Perfect Quality!
But for Example, the DSP Effects like Reverb and Echo in TMFX are useless for me. Because i cannot control and automate them out from my DAW (Logic or Cubase) natively... Why?

BTW: The whole MIDI-Control Implementation consists of 1,5 Pages in the Documentation for my FF802. For Mackie-Control, also 1,5 Pages... These are just a few Hints, maybe some Basics. No further Examples... Why?

cheers, Maggie