Topic: FF400 - TS jack in TRS analog outputs


I'm building a stage PC with an embedded FF400.
Since the FF400 is integrated in the PC frame, I had to make 2 extension cables for analog output 1 and 2.
As I know, analog output jacks are TRS balanced but they do accept TS mono jacks. The user's guide says :
"The electronic output stage is built in a servo balanced design which handles unbalanced (mono jacks) and balanced (stereo jacks) correctly."

My 2 extension cables are TRS type : a male TRS stereo jack goes to a female TRS stereo jack thru a 1m 2-wires+gnd cable.
My question : is it still OK, if I plug a TS mono jack in the female TRS stereo jack of my extension cable ?
In this case, Ring and Sleeve will be short-circuited. Is it a proper operation or should I leave Ring in open circuit ?
I should be in the same configuration as without my extension cable but I would like to be sure!

Thanks in advance!


Re: FF400 - TS jack in TRS analog outputs

It is ok this way.

Matthias Carstens