Topic: Problems with FF800 in Win11

My old Win 7 machines SSD system drive died and I was forced to update my computer. I've been dragging behind and avoiding the update for quite some time so I figured I'd take a bigger step forward and go for Win 11. I just can't get my FF800 to work.

Windows recognizes FF on it's own drivers but then Reaper doesn't even give Fireface as an option for an audio device. Then if I change to Windows' own basic firewire drivers it's no longer listed as an option in Windows but shows up in Reaper. It won't record or playback anything though and when I go to Reaper device settings it says something about not able to open audio hardware and also about not loading ASIO buffers. FF was also not locking the clock first (everything in settings was blinking and clock values going all over the place) but it settled and was able to lock via ADAT to Behringer ADA8200. I've also changed the PCIe FW cards drivers back and forth but with no help. I had to update my FW card because the old one was PCI type and those slots are obsolete on my motherboard.

Any tips on what I could try to make it work or should I just look for USB interface? I had absolutely zero problems with my old setup.

PC specs
Windows 11
AMD Ryzen 7 5700X processor
DDR4 3600 MHz CL16 32Gt RAM
1Tb M.2 SSD system drive
Nvidia Geforce GT-710 GPU
Latest Reaper version

Fireface 800 with sync from ADAT (Behringer ADA8200) or SPDIF (Two Notes Torpedo Live).

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Re: Problems with FF800 in Win11

Did you try the legacy drivers? I have no idea if this will work on win11, but working here on win10 latest (not for RME but focusrite liquidmix) If not then maybe go for win 10, 21h2, will be supported for years still. … river-swap

Vincent, Amsterdam
Babyface pro fs, HDSP9652+ADI-8AE, HDSP9632