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Since I want to build a new workstation soon, the following question: Are there any known issues with the HDSPe AIO in combination with the Z690 chipset?

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Maybe a moderator has info on this.

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I’m currently struggling with this combination. I should say up front that I am trying to use an AiO with a new intel 12700k and z690 motherboard without doing a fresh install. I’m trying to use the same computer just with an upgraded CPU and Mobo.

I’m getting stability issues with the AiO. When using Ableton it will have audio dropouts or pops, but they will subside when at a 4096 buffer size.

There will also be dropouts during normal computer use. LatencyMon will detect high interrupt to process time, but will not point to a specific service that’s causing it.

I’ve tried everything under the sun, short of doing a new windows install. At this point i’m not convinced that a fresh install will solve this, so i’d like to see more information about this combination fist.

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Re: HDSPe AIO + Chipset Intel Z690

Everything behaves normally if I disable Intel PEG10 - 460D in Device Manager under System Devices, and then enable it again.

This seems to be a problem with the GPU PCIe Slot and Intel drivers.

Hardware for reference:

Intel 12700k
Asus TUF Z690-Plus Wifi D4 motherboard
Asus ROG Strix 3090