Topic: Digiface Dante switch IP settings?

Happy owner of a Digiface Dante, especially now that the virtual ethernet issues have been rectified!

I am running a moderately sized Dante network, consisting of static IP only devices, as we do not always have a DHCP server deployed in our network due to multiple switches and wireless options for access. I am finding that the Bridge9999 port is therefore assigning itself into link local, keeping me from working with my devices.

Is it possible to assign a static IP to the DF-D? I am on an M1 Mac, FWIW.

Re: Digiface Dante switch IP settings?

Yes, on the command line type (for example, if you want to set it to

sudo ipconfig set bridge9999 MANUAL

Revert to Automatic:

sudo ipconfig set bridge9999 DHCP

For DIF AVB, please use feth10000 instead of bridge9999.