Topic: Extra control via Stream Deck

I work in a small studio and recently bought a Stream Deck to help simplify and improve workflow. Being able to control totalmix is great (even though I am probably going to stick with the ARC Remote for most things anyway) I like being able to create macros to change more than one thing at a time from different programs/devices.
However to make this set up perfect I'd only need one more thing to be controllable via Stream Deck, the ability to change soundcard settings like Clock Source (I don't always have my m-1610 pro turned on as most of the work here is done ITB, but I like to have it as the master when I do as the clock is amazing) or an EQ+D toggle so I can use the DSP compression when on team meetings. Also being able to switch the SPDIF in between ADAT4 & Coaxial would save time when recording some legacy and consumer hardware.
Has anyone else looked into the possibility? Or am I dreaming? I know there is no official way to control those settings via OSC or MIDI but maybe its possible to write a script for each one... Even better would be an official RME control method implemented but I am aware this is a pretty niche request. smile

I currently have a RayDAT, MADI FX, and m-1610 Pro in my setup (Although I plan to sell my RayDat and purchase a UFX+ to simplify some routing soon)