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Topic: How to send CC to X-touch?


I want Totalmix FX to send MIDI CC to my Behringer X-touch mini.
I set MIDI In/Out of Totalmix FX to X-touch and enabled MIDI Control.
X-touch is set in Standard Mode.

When I rotate encoder of X-touch, corresponding fader of Totalmix FX reacts. It's OK.
However, when I move faders of Totalmix FX by mouse, nothing happens on X-touch.

Then I tried X-touch in Mackie Mode.
X-touch does reacts to Totalmix FX, although Mackie Mode is not suit for my purpose.
So Totalmix FX does send MIDI CC to X-touch.

I also tried MIDI-OX.
Standard Mode X-touch successfully received test CC from MIDI-OX with no problem.

So, Totalmix FX does send MIDI CC.
Standard Mode X-touch does receive MIDI CC.

Then why MIDI CC don’t go from Totalmix FX to X-touch?

Re: How to send CC to X-touch?

My English is not good enough…

I just want to do the below with Totalmix FX.
Do you have any suggestions?

The "encoder" knobs (of X-Touch mini) send MIDI to the DAW like all controllers, but they are superior because it can then also RECEIVE midi information back in real-time from the DAW, shown in the little LED color wheel around each encoder. So the encoder wheels update visually with whatever knob it's reflecting in the DAW in real-time.
(Copy and paste from FL Studio Forum)