Topic: HDSPe AES card perpetually loses sync

Hi all,
I have an HDSPe AES card which is perpetually ceasing to function after about 2-4 minutes of my computer being turned on from a completely cold boot (unplugged for at least a minute).  When connected to my converters it functions normally for a few minutes, before stuttering and then losing sync entirely a few seconds later.  I have used this setup for the past two years without incident, and my Windows 10 system, drivers, and card firmware are all up-to-date.

It does not make a difference if I have the word clock connected, what the sample rate is, what the buffer size is, nor how many AES ports are available to WDM.  I have tried each PCIe slot on my computer, different AES signals (including loopback), and different cables (all Mogami Gold).  None have had any effect on the issue.

Please let me know what other troubleshooting you'd like me to try, or what further information might be helpful.  My suspicion is that this might be an issue with the card itself (it's revision 1.0), but I dearly hope that's not the case.

Thanks for reading, it is much appreciated!


Re: HDSPe AES card perpetually loses sync

Which firmware version is in that card right now?

We did not experience such an issue so far, or got reports- other than underperforming PCIe slots due to bridge issues on the motherboard itself.

Matthias Carstens

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Re: HDSPe AES card perpetually loses sync

Firmware revision 11, driver version 4.38

My motherboard is an Asus Prime Z390-A and, as I said, things have been working just fine for two years previous.