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Scenario is:
In a classical recording session with a filming company, I have an RME 12Mic unit on stage, some distance from the control point. The 12Mic is fitted with the SFP MM option. The control point has a UFX+ unit.

The video company has singlemode fibre running from the stage to the control point.

I would like to avoid running my own multimode fibre if possible.

Is there a reliable and cost efficient way of converting MADI signals running over singlemode to multimode or viceversa?

I have found this but am unsure if it will do the job: … r-sfp.html

I am based in the UK. Any advice much appreciated.


Re: Singlemode/multimode conversion

That box should work as all the work is done by the SFP modules inserted and that you have to buy additionally, one MM one SM.

You could try to to use it without the box, might work as well. But there is no guarantee that a converterless setup will always and reliably work.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Singlemode/multimode conversion

The 12Mic could be equipped with a Single Mode SFP, then you have solved it at the stage side.

At the control point, you need the Media converter with proper SFPs:
— Multimode   SFP plugged to the left   SFP module slot labeled “FIBER A MM”
— Singlemode SFP plugged to the right SFP module slot labeled “FIBER B SM”

Then connect Media Converter
— Multimode SFP: with an OM3 or OM4 cable with the UFX+
    If you have structured cabling with patch fields, check what cabling the customer has
    Do not mix OM3/OM4 in the data path, stick to what's being used there
— Singlemode SFP: using single mode cable to the Patch field towards stage

Please note: single mode is laser-based. Do not look into the port. If you do not use the port .
Always put the protective cap on unused single mode ports.
This protects against getting dirty and accidentally looking inside.

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Re: Singlemode/multimode conversion

As a side note … you could ask RME if they build you a UFX+ with singlemode based MADI port.
In the past (pre-Corona) such special orders were possible.
Then you would have a solution for the two cases that can arise.
Maybe easier from handling perspective and you have a backup device.
In terms of media converter .. could be useful in the case of having to use a backup device and you need the other fiber standard.

Matthias, if you should upgrade the UFX+ in the future, what about an SFP slot for MADI? Would give more flexibility at lower cost and wait time (special order).

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Re: Singlemode/multimode conversion

Very grateful to both of you. Thank you for the prompt and helpful replies. I'll exchange 12Mic SFP for SM and populate the converter with MM and SM SFP modules.