Topic: HDSPe Raydat + SoundID + Windows 11

Hi everyone,
currently using my HDSPe Raydat on Windows 11 in my recording studio.
I'm using SoundID Reference to calibrate my system.

What's happening from some months is an audio/video out of sync when whatever DAW is opened.
So as soon as (for example) Cubase is running, YT videos on Chrome or out of sync (audio comes later).
As soon as I close Cubase audio goes back to sync.

The unusual behaviour I'm experiencing is that often when opening/closing DAW there's like a "residual content in the audio cache" (don't know how to call this), so the system is playing 4/500ms of a previously opened audio file (or audio from a video).

Never experienced something like this.
I tried to kill SoundID and seems having no impact on the system.

Any idea/experience on this?
Thank you!