Topic: RME Fireface 802 playback randomly selected channels

I'm having the strangest issue of RME choosing randomly playback device for Firefox itself (not desktop nor DAW). Sometimes the port changes between different ADAT's and I have to check which one is active. But often the ADAT's do not match- so ADAT 5-6 plays back on 13-14, ADAT 1-2 plays back on 7-8 and so fourth- and this changes. The next hour playback simply stops and I have to search which chosen device playback this time is on (they work arbitrarily). This started happening yesterday and I've tried to update what I can. Sometimes only AES and Speakers work, but most of the time they don't.
I've had a perfectly working Fireface since 2018, so I am not at all conviinced it's an RME issue.
Could it be some Windows 10-issue?


Re: RME Fireface 802 playback randomly selected channels

Sample rate changes between single, double and quad speed? Did you check the currently active playback device in the Sound dialog?

Matthias Carstens