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Topic: Digiface AVB + Digiface (ADAT)?

I know you can combine up to three devices of similar makes together (even with Windows, right...?), but what if I wanted to use, say, all 64 channels of AVB from the Digiface AVB @96k, but then supplement that with more channels from a Digiface USB (ADAT)? I'm trying to get to the total of 96 channels @96K with a bunch of MOTU 24AOs, and it all works fine with the Digiface AVB now at 48K/128 channels, but upping to 96K drops to 64.

Could I have the Digiface AVB + 2x Digiface USBs all together on Windows? They're all using the same MADIface driver, no?

Re: Digiface AVB + Digiface (ADAT)?


Or perhaps someone could explain exactly *why* this is? All MOTU AVB devices that send/rec 16 AVB streams can do so at up to 96khz. Why the limitation here? It's clearly not bandwidth (USB3). And whats the point of having all of those channels "accessible" in TotalMix FX if you can't actually use them via ASIO?


Re: Digiface AVB + Digiface (ADAT)?

This is a hardware limitation of the DF AVB.

The non-USB channels can still be routed and mixed, which can be useful outside of USB transfers, or even with mixdowns and then doing USB transfers (via Loopback).

Matthias Carstens