Topic: Does HDSP 9632 and TEF TDIF expansion work on modern Windows?

Hi, all --

I have a Tascam DA-78HR with a lot of archival 8-track digital tapes that I'm trying to import to my computer for preservation.  The only 8-track digital output the DA-78HR has is Tascam's proprietary TDIF format.

I was looking at getting an HDSP 9632 and buying a TEF TDIF expansion daughter board off eBay.  I wanted to check, though, since this daughter board is discontinued, is it still supported with the current drivers?

My computer does have a PCI/PCIx slot that the 9632 should be able to be seated into - but are there any gotchas I should know about there?

As background: I was previously using a Mark of the Unicorn PCIx-424 and 2408 to import the tapes, but some Windows update made the PCIx-424 card stop working, and MOTU has stopped supporting these cards some time ago.  The alternative with RME equipment would be to use the 2408 in standalone mode to translate TDIF to ADAT, and then get a Digiface USB to import the ADAT to my computer.  If anyone has any recommendations on whether that would be better, or any alternate suggestions on how to get the media out of the DA-78HR, I'd appreciate it.

Jonathan Lennox


Re: Does HDSP 9632 and TEF TDIF expansion work on modern Windows?

The TDIF extension board does not need driver support.

If stand-alone conversion works then a Digiface USB sounds like an easier and better solution.

Matthias Carstens