Topic: MADIface cable length

I'm just testing my brand new MADIface.

It's not a secret that I'm not too enthusiastic about the mechanical approach. (I used my beloved crepe tape to fix the card to the notebook, in conjunction with the everywhere mentioned EXSYS10000.)

While I set up the MADIface the first time I wondered wether there is a way to lengthen the cabel a little bit. The supplied (and as I understood: recommended) cable is 1m, and this way it isn't even possible to deposit the breakout box on the ground, assumed the notebook is placed on a table... However, depositing it on the table, too, requires even more taping in order to prevent the breakout box from being teared from the table, e.g. due to the weight of the MADI cables.

Are there any recommendations on this? How do other users solve this situation?

Thanks for advice,


Re: MADIface cable length

You can try to use any cable length. If it doesn't work you will notice immediately.

Matthias Carstens