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Topic: Feature request: Crossfeed in TM FX

A crossfeed option in TM FX powered devices would be super useful. Especially for using the headphone out (most, if not all of these devices should have one), and for cue mixes. Right now, all we can do is playing with the "Width" setting of the stereo inputs, which is not proper crossfeed.

I wonder if a similar DSP code for crossfeed as in the ADI-2 series could be implemented, which is stellar. Using the ADI-2 DAC FS just makes me wish to have some of its features also on other devices (UCX II in my case). Another one would be Loudness...

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Re: Feature request: Crossfeed in TM FX

A workaround today is using Equalizer APO (for Windows). It offers the wanted functionality either directly or via plugins. For headphones I personally use the plugin from Mathaudio, which also includes crossfeed. But you can find other VST plugins which you can use as well.

Note that in Digicheck those changes (loudness, crossfeed...) made via APO EQ are not reflected, which in this case is a good thing IMO.

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Re: Feature request: Crossfeed in TM FX

@Data: it has been asked quite a while ago. The answer from RME was, that no ADI-2 DAC/Pro specific features (e.g. crossfeed, auto-reflevel, dynamic loudness, PEQ, ...) will be integrated into recording interfaces.
If you want those, you have to get ADI-2 DAC/Pro and you can integrate via a digital port like ADAT/SPDIF and AES (Pro only)
as described in my blog:
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