Topic: UFX+ and AMD Thunderbolt

I've got a new mini PC based on a Ryzen 9 6900HX CPU. The unit comes with two USB-C type ports on the front for which one is supposed to be Thunderbolt 3 compatible.

I'm trying to get my UFX+ working via an Apple TB2->TB3 adapter (a setup which was working great with my old Intel based desktop PC) but Windows 11 refuses to detect it. On the Fireface itself the white host LED is lit which assumes TB operation but the driver isn't loaded.

There are two USB4 ports, one is 'data only' and the other one is 'Thunderbolt and DisplayPort compatible' (according to the manufacturer). When connected to the former, a new device 'Thunderbolt 3 adapter' appears in device manager but the FF host LED stays off. Connecting to the other one, the device manager shows no new hardware but the host LED turns white. Either way, the UFX+ isn't recognized by the system.

It works fine over USB3, though.

Does anyone have any experience using AMD Thunderbolt with RME hardware? Are there any further drivers needed?

Re: UFX+ and AMD Thunderbolt

^ Anyone? ^