Topic: Mute Function in TotalMix not working

I recently changed my system configuration for a brief time because I had bought a new external converter for my setup, but I have returned it and put everything back to how it was before.  When I did, I noticed that the Mute button in TotalMix no longer works.  I click on it but the channel doesn't mute.  The fader volume works fine and everything else seems to be working, but the mute does not mute.  Any ideas what this could be and how to solve it?

In case it helps, I am operating in a windows 10 based system, and my interface that goes with TM is a Fireface 802.

thanks! … r.JPG?dl=0

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Re: Mute Function in TotalMix not working

(Above the photo from the OP)
The actual Totalmix version here on the Mac is 1.80
What is your version ?

Is the issue only on the main out or on every hardware output ?
Did you try a Total Reset ?
A simple computer reboot may solve it...?

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Re: Mute Function in TotalMix not working

Upper right corner - Master Mute is not pressed.

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