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Topic: Dropouts with RME Fireface UC and low buffer


I have a RME Fireface UC. I need to have a high buffer, 512, or I will experience dropouts / pops / crackle. I doesn't matter if I'm working with material from the harddrive, ie audio files, if I'm recording or if I'm only using software instruments. I would like to have a lower buffer to decrease lag and I'm sure that the Fireface is able to handle a much lower buffer.

The CPU workload is low, about 10%, same with the GPU.
I'm not maxing out RAM.
All drivers are up to date.

I bought the interface used and it came with a cheaper wallwart. I have ordered a new power supply but I'm not sure that the psu is the problem.
The USB cable is pretty old, can that be part of the problem? What kind of cable should I get in that case?

Really, I guess that it might be a problem with conflicting drivers. I have read that I should disable other drivers than the Fireface ASIO. I'll try that but I really wish I could play audio from my browser while I'm using AmpliTube, to be able to practice to lessons and so on.

Anyone here has a good idea where I could start?
I know that the fireface UC is pretty old now but I'm sure I could make it work.


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Re: Dropouts with RME Fireface UC and low buffer

Please more details about your system (hint: you do not even mention what OS, mainboard or type of CPU you have).

Regarding cable. Keep the RME driver settings window open and check for CRC error. If there are none, then you have no issues with USB transport / cable.

Did you do the usual fine tuning of BIOS / Windows for audio:
- disable energy saving in the BIOS
- proper energy profile under windows (high or ultimate performance).
- check for bad drivers blocking CPU cores for too long (measure using LatencyMon).
- what graphic card do you use? If nVidia card: maybe power saving needs to be disabled using powermizer.

See also: https://forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.ph … 87#p196887

Follow the link there to other threads about performance tuning topics in this forum. There are plenty of them. Simply search for either LatencyMon or "powermizer" (regarding nVidia).

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Re: Dropouts with RME Fireface UC and low buffer


Thank you for your answer!

My system:
Windows 10
Processor: Intel I5 10400
Motherboard: Intel B460
GPU: NVIDA gtx super 1660
16 GB ram
SSD drive

It's this computer: Lenovo Legion T5 28IMB05

I will try your suggestions, thank you!