Topic: Midi Remote with 12Mic-D (Dante version)

I've searched the documentation and worked with RME support but I cannot answer the following:

Can the 12Mic-D be controlled from RME's Midi Remote software?  (Not Web Remote) The Midi Remote software works with the older AVB 12Mic obviously, but I have no answers regarding the Dante version.

The reason I ask is because I need to see two 12Mic-D units on the same screen simultaneously in one window.  Midi Remote's interface is perfect for this, as it allows multiple sets of 12 gain controls to be stacked on the page.  Having two separate web browser windows for Web Remote is not ideal in live recording when meters and gains need to be grabbed in a hurry. 

24 channels of simultaneous remote metering and gain control is what I need.

Having said all this-- if there were a way to gather two 12Mic-D control panels into a single Web Remote tab that would work instead.  The Web Remote UI is certainly excellent.


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Re: Midi Remote with 12Mic-D (Dante version)

The transport of information for "MIDI remote AVB" is through MIDI. This can be either MIDI or "MIDI over MADI".

Both 12Mics have no separate MIDI I/O port. I think the only chance is by using MADI.

Maybe it also needs a little change in the MIDI remote AVB software. I am uncertain whether it recognizes the Dante version of 12Mic.

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Re: Midi Remote with 12Mic-D (Dante version)

Thanks.  Does anyone know whether the original 12mic (AVB version) works with Midi Remote when only AVB is connected?  I'm hoping I do not have to develop a custom OSC control panel for this...