Topic: 1. place to show Totalmix 3rd party software 2. pinned thread

Like other Totalmix users I was wishing for a way to see and set the levels easily, without to have the huge Totalmix window open. Unfortunately RME does not offer a solution.

There are now 3rd party software solutions to offer this and additional functionality. It takes a serious amount of time and dedication to write such a software, especially to debug and document everything nicely.

Unfortunately it is currently really hard to find those software solutions. If one just buys the RME interface and installs the driver one will never see that these solutions exists. One has to read in the forums and then -- more or less by chance or via search -- find the threads to those software packages.

Some threads introducing the software are pinned, but not all 3rd party software threads are pinned. Also the pinned threads are partly very much outdated and should be cleaned up. The pinned threads should be reserved for topics which are actually of interest today and not cover questions which were asked 10 years ago!


1) Please make the 3rd party software solutions visible to a standard RME users - who is not searching the forums.

I think you should create a page to 3rd party software solutions, which is referenced from _both_ the Downloads and Software page. On the 3rd party solutions page you just can have a super short description of the solution with a screenshot and a link to the developer page -- in addition to the disclaimer you might want to put there that RME is not responsible for any of the 3rd party solutions.

2) Please tidy up the pinned threads and also add a pinned thread for every 3rd party software or alternative a thread which is kept up to date with an overview of 3rd party software.