Topic: RME ADI2 DAC fs usb input dead

Hi everyone!

I just got a second hand Adi2-Dac fs for my set up (Qobuz on iPhone > RME Adi2-Dac fs > McIntosh C8 and C8s > pair of McIntosh MC30 > Klipsch La Scala)
I’ve been using it less than a week and haven’t gone through all the settings yet, just been using the plug and play settings for now.

I was listening to it last night, and decided this morning to plug it into a different power outlet. Since then, the unit turns on, I have access to all the menus, I can tell that the line out has power, but nothing happens when I plug my phone into the usb input anymore. The sound comes out of my phone, and the screen on the dac shows no signs of a signal coming through. The input is on USB, the volume is not muted, I’ve done the factory reset multiple times (version 41 apparently) but nothing has changed and I’m running out of ideas.
Please help!

Many thanks,