Topic: Set max volume

Hi all,
I have learned that it's good practise to keep the same output volume when mixing, even between projects.
Therefore I'd like to know if there is a way to set a max output volume in Totalmix?

It would also feel safer, since I have experienced mistakes that has resulted in my ears getting blasted.

I found a setting in Totalmix that didn't seem to work for me (Settings / General / Main out / Gain )


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Re: Set max volume

It depends on the music material, number of tracks, your mix …
Check your DAW tools for a loudness meter, or use DIGIcheck, it also has loudness meters.

But it makes IMHO no sense to look at this too static.
You have a certain music material with "on average" lower loudness but, high dynamic (Classic, Jazz).
Higher loudness comes (automatically) with more compressed music (hip hop, techno) at the expense of dynamic.

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