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Topic: Can't Monitor Compressed Signal Only

Hello, I am using a Babyface Pro, and connected a mono outboard compressor to it, coming out of XLR 1, into the compressor, and back into 'Instrument 3', (one of the two line inputs).

I set it up like this so I could play an uncompressed track in Logic (bass, vocal, whatever), going out through the compressor and recording back onto a new track on logic.

And as far as recording this way goes, it records fine, but I can't monitor the compressed signal by itself when it's happening, because I'm also hearing the dry signal as it's playing through logic.

So I'd like to be able to monitor just the compressed signal through my headphones while I'm dialing in the compressor, and I guess I've got to somehow stop the AN 1/2 software playback channel (Logic) in the middle row from hitting my headphones, while still playing and going out of the XLR lead into the comp.

I tried watching the videos, there's just too many differences in their TotalMix to mine...I just can't understand them or make equate them with what I'm personally doing.

My current 'control room setting' on the bottom right shows under assign 'main out - PH 3/4', every other thing on nothing under 'assign'.

My screenshot shows a bass line playing in Logic, (Software playback AN 1/2,), the hardware output 1/2 receiving that signal and sending it out (yes it's on stereo but I know how to put that in mono and don't think this is to do with my problem), and at the top you can see the return signal from the compressor coming back into 'Instrument 3', one of the line inputs. (Instrument 4 shows a bit of noise because it has a guitar cable plugged into it but I'm not using it here).


EDIT: Update - oh great, I've pasted the screenshot wrong, and need to work out how to do this...sorry. [Done - RME Support]

Re: Can't Monitor Compressed Signal Only

First put TotalMix in submix mode instead of free mode. It’s much easier then.
After that, select your hp out by clicking on it to see its submix. Open the fader of hardware input 3 and close all other faders. Now you can hear nothing than the signal coming from the outboard.

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Re: Can't Monitor Compressed Signal Only

Many thanks for that Oli. By the way I had been struggling with the problem mostly while it was in submix mode - and had then put it into free mode when messing about just before taking the screenshot, but I believe I would have forgotten it was still in free mode had you not pointed that out.

I think thanks to your kind help I've managed to get it to work now, I clicked on the 'Main' output in the bottom right going to my headphones, and could see the levels on each channel change as I did that, then set the levels on the channels as you said, all down apart from Instrument 3 line in input channel (the AN1 output fader also had to stay up to feed out to the compressor, but it seems on the hardware output bit there, the fader is not relevant to the 'main' output mix?)

Anyway, doing it like that, it appeared to work - confirmed by muting the line in Instrument 3 input channel and then hearing nothing.

I've pasted a screenshot here of those procedures I went though. Obviously if this question is asked and answered 400 times a day maybe this thread will be deleted, but in case it stays and someone is looking about a similar problem, maybe the screen adds something to the advice you already gave.


Thank you so much!

(Also thanks to the RME mods for cleaning up my screenshot failure).


Re: Can't Monitor Compressed Signal Only

You’re welcome, glad to hear you solved it.
Yes, some users prefer the free mode, others even the matrix… for me the submix mode is the most convenient.
And to confirm: only the faders of hardware input and software playback channels are related to a specific hardware output, but not the faders of the other outputs.

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