Topic: HDSP 9632 stereo errors

Hi, crew. I use HDSP 9632 for a long time. Recently I began to pay attention that the stereo sound became not super voluminous.
This problem is solved by quickly switching "Snapshots" to Totalmix for a short time [3-9 sec. sound perfect and deeper]. Later, the sound becomes again not very attractive and voluminous. If you press the "Store" button in Totalmix  - the sound is voluminous but floats, I hear it in the monitor headphones. I replaced the capacitors 4x22OmF [I'am radio engineer by education] and 2x47mF - their factory performance was below normal from exploitation. I changed the factory Nippons. Now the problem has not changed, although I have 4x Elna Silmic 2 / 2x Nichicon KZ Muse. In general, the sound is excellent on warm Silmic 2 but it's not as big as it used to be. Maybe the problem is in the DSP - the card is very old and has never let me down. I'm using Win7 SP2 and pretty new drivers - everything works stably. I want to understand the reason where the old quality disappeared. Thanks

Re: HDSP 9632 stereo errors

Can you somehow measure the issue with a test signals? I don't think the card's sound could change in such a way, but if, it might need service.

Daniel Fuchs

Re: HDSP 9632 stereo errors

Hi, Daniel. I did a test calibration of the card when measuring the frequency response of acoustics. I didn't find anything unusual about her. Frequency response with a "line" at the desired decebel level. Still I hear that little hole in the stereo when I switch "Snapshots". also this problem is sometimes solved by switching Totalmix Show "Names" - in this position the card sounds as deep as possible in stereo...I also cleaned the card from possible oxidation on the output connectors, this did not give the desired effect / the sound just became cleaner and that's it.