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Hello. I have a Babyface Pro FS that I am using with a Microsoft Surface PRO 7 running Windows 10.

I am taking a class where I need to record videos of myself playing guitar along to prerecorded backup tracks.

I have done this a couple of times using the windows camera app and built in mic while I play guitar through an amp and run the backup track through a speaker. This approach works, but results in very poor audio quality.

I would like to use the Babyface to record my guitar while playing over the backing track, but I need to have video of me doing it. Is there a way to use Totalmix FX to blend the audio from the media player app with the analog guitar signal and have the camera app receive that sound instead of the built in mic on the Surface Pro?

I have gotten to the point where I can monitor all sounds coming from the computer and guitar on my headphones (through the Babyface), but if I attempt to record a video with the camera app it does not record any sound.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Windows Camera and TotalMix FX

Is that camera app able to record audio from internal audio input channels 1/2 ?
Or is it fix using the built-in-microphone of the computer ?
The Loopback function will help you to provide a submix from Totalmix to the input channels for a software.
edit :
after a look into the camera app, you have to manipulate your windows audio system, disable the built-in-microphone
The guy in this video expains it at time 1:30

Not sure if the camera app can record stereo.
May be only one channel, mono.
Anyway you have to do a submix (combine incoming instrument with the backing track) and use the Loopback to bring it into the computers audio input channels.
Use Loopback on output 1/2 is the right one.

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Re: Windows Camera and TotalMix FX

Yes! The information you provided definitely sent me down the right track. Now I just need to tweak everything to get it to sound right, but I am getting both guitar and the backup mp3 recorded with the video in the camera app.

The levels of the mix I am hearing in my headphones while recording (guitar and mp3) are different than the final recorded video mix. Is there a way I can monitor the loopback in my headphones so I know what the final product is going to sound like?

Thank you.