Topic: Looking to upgrade - is this what I need?

Okay, I am looking to update things a little here.
Running 8 channels at 96KHz more often than not.
Currently using an HDSP 9652 with an ADI-8 DS.
The ADI-8 DS died this morning. Sob.

Supposing I want to add 192KHz support.
What would I need, assuming only a PCI slot.
I am thinking of an AES-32 card with an ADI-8 QS.
Will I also need 2 T-DIF D-Sub lines to get 8 in 8 out at best rates?

Re: Looking to upgrade - is this what I need?


the QS is a very good choice, a fantastic converter with an outstanding feature set. We get extremly good feedback from high-profile customers and in press reviews.

For eight channels (= 4 x AES/EBU) in 192 kHz a HDSPe AES/ HDSP AES is the perfect companion. The M-version of the QS provides also a MADI I/O, so you can also choose the HDSP(e) MADI (PCI or PCI Express) as the host card. This combination not only offers remote control via MIDI over MADI (no MIDI cable needed), but also provides room for future enhancements. Add another QS, Micstasy, DMC-842 or devices from the Premium Line ADI series later to the MADI chain.

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