Topic: UFX II and MacOS Ventura (Pops/clicks/Driverkit vs Kext/etc)

Problem info...

2021 16" MBP / M1 Max.

I installed Driverkit version beta shortly after when I upgraded to Ventura because I thought I'd have to, based on pop-up boxes and stuff I read. Suffered a lot of pop/clicks/glitches generally in the system since when using the RME (and seemingly never on internal audio). This is the same set-up I always had where the USB2 UFX II has it's own entire thunderbolt port of an official Apple adapter dongle; so it's not off some hub or anything it didn't used to be limiting bandwidth. To be fair I use this computer for a lot of stuff, not just music production, so a lot of these glithces I hear are just watching youtube/listening to podcasts (so can't guarantee most are not internet glitches), BUT DEFINITELY also happens consistently when the computer is playing back in Ableton and locks itself, then on unlock: audio glitch every time (almost guaranteed).

I then upgraded to the latest Driverkit driver more recently. This complained I still had the kext one installed in a pop-up box. Thought this may be my glitch problem, so followed info here on the forum to force all kexts off (apparently how you uninstall the RME kext driver according to the another post). Then went back to lower level security because other drivers like my Logitch wireless keyboard/mouse complained (but unlike RME kext they seemingly didn't get uninstalled and just re-enabled themselves after lowering security again - unless the software automatically re-installed them when possible).

Still seems to pop/glitch quite a lot. I don't ever get the concurrent RME drivers pop-up so I presume this hasn't re-enabled the kext RME driver (like the logitech ones did) and that it is properly gone?

So I'm now at the point I'm pondering what to do. Is this a problem anyone/everyone else has got? Is this the RME driverkit driver's fault? Or is this Apple's driverkit framework being a half-baked idea and everyone gets this and there's nothing I can do?

I wanted to be future ready and figured probably best to go with Apple's suggestion of DriverKit, but if I don't have to, should I completely remove the driverkit version and go back to the kext one if that never caused me problems with Monterey? Or are there ways to just fix this or troubleshooting routes I should do? If I do go back to kexts, how do I remove the driverkit one?

I just spotted a new RME DriverKit driver came out a week and a half ago. I'm not sure I'm running this yet , maybe, maybe not, because I'm not at home at the moment to check (think I may have been beta 4.06, then release 4.07). So is 4.08 likely to fix it if I'm not already on it (not sure where to find 4.08 change list/bugfixes to see the difference)? But since I've already typed this now I figured I'd post this anyway to see if anyone else is having similar experiences and got any fixes. I'm not holding my breath 4.08 will fix it at this point if I'm not already on it.

I'm presuming I shouldn't be getting these pops with any of the recent DriverKit ones at least though, since the forums seemed to say it's working fine. Anyway, tips or ideas much appreciated...


Re: UFX II and MacOS Ventura (Pops/clicks/Driverkit vs Kext/etc)

You’re not the first user reporting such an issue. I don’t have it with my Babyface pro on Mac mini M1, Ventura 13.4 and RME DK driver v4.08 (2). I also use the computer for different things, not only audio applications.
Could it be related to the channel count of the interface maybe?
I know, that doesn’t really help, it’s more meant to sort out a general problem.

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Re: UFX II and MacOS Ventura (Pops/clicks/Driverkit vs Kext/etc)

Thanks for the reply. Good to know I'm not alone at least, even if it works fine for many. Channel count was fine with kexts. But I guess it might affect the DK version.